The illegal immigrant invasion in our country has been disastrous to American workers.

And during the eight years of Obama virtually nothing was done about it.

Just months into office, President Trump just did something that could end illegal immigration once and for all.

Since President Trump has taken office, deportations have been on the rise.

Many cases that were put on hold during the Obama administration have been reopened by the Trump administration.

The cases that have been reopened have gone up more than 70 percent nationwide.

According to Southern California Public Radio:

“The number of once-closed deportation cases that have been reopened since Jan. 20 has jumped sharply since President Trump took office, worrying many unauthorized immigrants who had been reassured they could stay in the country if they remain out of trouble.

Some had their deportation cases put on hold during the Obama years under what was termed “administrative closure” and would only need to check in periodically with immigration officials. Some even obtained work permits.

The policy applied starting in 2011 to certain unauthorized immigrants who had deep ties to the U.S., including relatives who are American citizens, lived many years in the country and did not present a criminal or national security threat.

But under the Trump administration, the cases that have been reopened grew by more than 70 percent nationwide, according to federal immigration court officials, and such cases are up more than 60 percent in Los Angeles.”

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