You won’t believe what the British police have been up to.

Shocking new accusations have come to light about some unusual police misconduct.


Five police officers in the U.K. have been accused of using helicopters and specialized cameras to spy on unsuspecting citizens.

From Global News:

“Police in the United Kingdom are accused of using the aircraft’s powerful video camera to film members of the public who were having sex and sunbathing naked.

Prosecutor Richard Wright said at the start of the trial Tuesday that the filming was a “gross violation” of the victims’ privacy along with a “gross waste of valuable resource.” He said the public has a right to hope that police helicopters are being used to keep communities safe, not to film sex acts from the air.

The case against the three police officers and two pilots, in Sheffield Crown Court relies in part on a graphic, eight-minute film consisting of footage from the South Yorkshire Police helicopter.

The BBC reports that footage showed a couple having sex on their patio in July 2008, along with a couple sitting naked outside their caravan, also in July 2008, and a woman sunbathing naked in 2007. Other sunbathers were also filmed in 2012, according to the prosecutors.”

The prosecutor went into graphic detail about the nature of the videos taken, which include a video of a couple sitting naked by a camper in July 2008 and footage taken of a residents back yard where a woman was sunbathing naked with her daughters in 2007. One of the accused, Adrian Pogmore, even claimed a victim was in on their exploits.

As per the BBC:

“Footage showed a couple having sex on their patio in July 2008 and at one point the naked woman waves at the aircraft. Mr. Wright said the couple shared Pogmore’s interest in swinging and added it was “no coincidence” that the helicopter flew above “while they brazenly put on a show.”

The waving woman on the ground, however, feels much differently about the situation as she was quoted saying that “[the filming] was a complete and utter violation of my privacy” and “It makes me feel sick to think that this took place.”


If found guilty, what do you think would be an appropriate punishment for these officers?

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