Time and time again, Trump has successfully wrong-footed Liberals and “Social Justice Warriors” by choosing to fight them on ground they can’t win.

What he has just done is sure to have them screaming, in a way that will make middle America see them as insane.

Trump just announced that he has banned transgender people from serving in the military, citing “tremendous medical costs and disruption”.

Obama had previously authorised transgender service, but the change had not yet been implemented.

It’s a practical and prudent decision that is nonetheless sure to trigger the SJWs. Trump is predicting that middle America will be much more concerned that their military is combat effective, not politically correct.

The more the left criticises Trump on this fringe issue, the more they isolate themselves from ordinary Americans.

Do you think this move is clever politics, prudent military management, or a cruel and unnecessary restriction? Have your say in the comments section below.